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Cruising the Caribbean: afloat the dream boat

It was early in the afternoon and I had my one bag packed for some type of birthday surprise. My childhood girl friends were taking me on a trip and they would not tell me where we were going. Imagining a day at Ritz Carlton Spa I could already feel the warm stones on my back placed their by a masseuse. However, my expectations quickly evaporated when we headed toward the port of New Orleans on the Mississippi River. We were going on a cruise to ...

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Category: Travel
Highway to Heaven: Cruising 30-A

From the sky, the sugar white beaches cresting the emerald waters along Highway 98 in Destin, Florida, are studded with luxurious high-rise condos one after another. On the ground, the traffic along this popular beachfront highway is bumper-to-bumper during the summer season. Not far away, Highway 30-A looks like a meandering seaside road rolling along sand dune bluffs and pristine lakes with low-rise communities and small town traffic. Some say ...

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