Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: for the Gardener

2602-14This Valentine’s Day, surprise the one you love with gifts for the garden. Candlelit dinners and decadent chocolate hearts make for a nice romantic evening, but for a more lasting expression of your affection, try showering your better half with gifts that will keep on giving.

Garden enthusiasts, whether novice or expert, are always in want of something for their backyards or patios. Delve into some of these great gift ideas, and you are sure to touch the heart of your significant other.

Romantic Gifts for Her:

Wind chimes: Serenade your favorite girl with a set of musical wind chimes. Whether she prefers decorative blown glass, classic aluminum, or more natural wooden styles, wind chimes come in a wide assortment of designs and are sold at a host of garden centers and gift shops. Lull her into a dreamy sleep by hanging wind chimes in a tree near the bedroom window, or further enrich her time outdoors by setting them beside the patio or gazebo.

Flowering perennial seeds and bulbs: Instead of, or in addition to, a traditional bouquet of fresh cut flowers, say “I love you” with a personally selected basket of assorted seeds and bulbs. A mixture of sunflowers, Shasta daisies and Echinacea is sure to warm her heart, and by mid summer, their glowing blossoms will have your garden ablaze. For an exotic blend of hues and textures, combine summer blooming bulbs like gladiolus, caladiums, and calla lilies with heat resistant perennials like Rudbeckia, stokesia, and Gaura. Keep in mind that almost any variety of zinnia and salvia can also make charming additions to her fresh-cut flower garden. The list of summer flowering perennials is seemingly endless for Louisiana, so this year, give her a lasting supply of flowers she can bring indoors for any occasion.

Rose bushes: While I can’t think of a single woman who would decline a lavish bouquet of sweetly scented roses, it is no secret that their blooms fade far too soon for the exorbitant cost of these Valentine gifts. Surprise your loved one instead by giving her the gift of roses year round—build a rose garden with the colors of her choice. If her garden does not allow space for roses however, keep in mind they can also be grown in containers on the patio. Whether she prefers long stem grandifloras, the old-fashioned shrub roses, or today’s favorites like the ‘Knockout’ and ‘Easy Livin’’, she is sure to fall in love with fresh roses she can enjoy all year.

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Garden accessories: If the woman you love isn’t in need of plants for her flowerbeds, consider a gift package of other sensible accessories that might come in handy for a rigorous day of work in the landscape and garden. A durable pair of garden clogs for instance, combined with a high quality pair of gloves and a sun hat, provide excellent protection when traversing through damp soil, working with thorny shrubs or vines, and merely laboring under the Louisiana sun. Include also a gardener’s apron—one that has enough pockets of course—to hold all of her small essentials like hand pruners, gloves, trowels, and seeds. As an extra treat after a hard day’s work, include some gardener’s hand scrub and lotion.

Great Gifts for Him:

Vegetable seeds: If your guy enjoys eating fresh vegetables with his home cooked meals, or simply takes pride in growing his own produce, consider making him a gift basket of assorted vegetable seeds for the summer garden. Crops that can easily be grown in this area include tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini. For added spice to his diet, a wide assortment of peppers can also be included, as well as sweeter fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe.

Garden tools: A new set of garden tools is perfect for any man who likes to spend time in his yard. Buy the man in your life exactly what he needs to get the job done; a new pair of hand pruners, hedge shears, or loppers will certainly aid in selective pruning. Likewise, garden seeders, cultivators, or bulb planters might also prove useful. If your guy is very particular when it comes to buying tools though, it may be a better idea to surprise him with a gift card to his favorite hardware store or garden center.

Fruit trees: Sweeten your loved one’s world with an assortment of fruit trees. By creating a home orchard, he can grow and harvest the fruits of his choice almost year round. A number of citrus trees prove excellent for our climate; nothing surpasses the rich flavors of fresh squeezed orange juice or lemonade, especially when picked from your own trees. Aside from Louisiana citrus, other fruit trees that also perform well in our area include fig trees, peaches, plums, and nectarines. If the garden leaves no room for additional trees, consider planting blueberry bushes, blackberries, or muscadine vines. Keep in mind that some varieties of fruit require at least two different plants for cross pollination, so you may have to do some research before purchasing.

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