Homegrown Blueberries

2602-11If you’re in search of something fresh this summer, sink your teeth into some of Louisiana’s sweetest blueberries. Tucked away in the quaint city of Wilson, Louisiana (just north of St. Francisville) lies Blueberry Ridge Orchard, home of the most delectable blueberries in the state. Blueberry Ridge, owned and operated by Chris Jones, is a pick-your-own berry farm that rests on ten acres of verdant land. Walk through this farm, and you’ll easily lose yourself amid the endless rows of lofty, eight-foot tall ‘Bluebell,’ ‘Delite,’ and ‘Tifblue’ blueberry shrubs, just to name a few.

Holding close to 1,200 flourishing blueberry bushes – most of which are over twenty years old – this family-owned orchard is home to seven mouth-watering varieties of blueberries, including ‘Aliceblue,’ ‘Brightwell,’ ‘Climax,’ and ‘Sharpblue.’ My favorite happens to be the ‘Delite’ blueberry, a large, pinkish-blue fruit with an intensely sweet aftertaste. Don’t settle on just one variety, though; guests are encouraged to sample each kind of blueberry Chris has to offer.

Chris explains that while Blueberry Ridge has been open to the public since, he has been the owner for the last six years, overseeing his crops, as nearly 1,000 visitors pick farm-fresh berries each summer. Gates usually open the first of June, welcoming blueberry enthusiasts well into the middle part of July. From sunup to sundown, seven days a week, you can pick all the berries you need for only seventy-five cents a pound. And rest assured, whatever you don’t get a chance to pick during the week, you can buy from Chris pre-picked at the Baton Rouge Farmer’s Market on Saturdays during the summer (very seldom do his berries go to waste).


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